Kurdidh Textile Museum
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Felt making

Traditional felt making takes place on the museum premises and production can be observed first hand by visitors. One of the exhibits in the museum, dated 1954, was made by one of the felt makers when he was a boy.

The wool is sorted, and separated, by hand, into different shades. The white and grays often become the background whilst the darker colors are used for patterns and contrast. 6 kilograms of wool is exactly the right amount to produce a single mat for use as a bed (approx 2m by 3m), or to make the traditional shepherds sleeping bag. Smaller amounts are used for making hats, sitting mats, bread making mats, etc.


Cleaning and sorting the wool into different colures

A finsished sleepingmat or the traditionl shepherd´s sleeping abag uses 6 kg of wool each.
After sorting the wool is then separated, or fluffed up by a traditional tool which resembles a large stringed instrument. The ‘string’ is put horizontally into the wool and plucked with a large wooden mallet. The vibrations separate the wool. In latter years large scale production as been assisted with a modern, electrically operated carding machine.

Separating and fluffing up or ´carding´the wool.

The wool is dyed in pans and then balanced on a pole to dry.
A pattern, using coloured or dyed wools is carefully laid out, on Hessian. The Hessian will later be rolled up around the wet felt to compress it.
Making the decorative pattern and the white wool in the background will cover it.

Wool is then laid on top to a depth of approx 50cm and water is poured on it.

The hessian is bound tightly and the felt makers stand on the roll to compress the felt inside.

The felt can be unrolled immediately

Below the felt makers are making mats for bread making. The same process is used, just smaller quantities and different shapes.
The finished mats are put on display or are sold to visitors in the museums gift shop. The museum is happy to accept commissions or orders.

The Museums sign is a felt mat.